Technicians for the job

We offer the skills and knowledge to complete every step of your water-well project. Our professionals are prepared to perform your initial planning, feasibility, water-well drilling, pump installation and ongoing well maintenance, which includes inspections and repair. We have passed the licensing tests required by the State of Texas, and maintain our continuing education. We have the skills, experience, and tools to get the job done no matter what you need for your well.

Pump Installation

Pumps come in all shapes and sizes, and we offer every make and model you may need. Whether that’s a type of submersible or line shaft pump, we can install the pump for your project. We also supply booster pumps if you have to compensate for low water pressure or utilize an aboveground storage tank. Learn more about pumps by calling us.

Water-Well Drilling

We can perform the drilling you need, whether it’s mud rotary or air rotary drilling. Our tools and experience will help you find the right spot for your well and the exact drilling method you need. Call us today if you’re looking to start drilling a well on your commercial or residential property.

Well and Pump Maintenance

Already have a well drilled and pump installed? We offer services to keep your water-well functioning and clean. Our 24-hour emergency service means we’re here for you whenever you experience a difficulty with your system. We can perform well inspections if you’ve experienced any changes in your water supply. We also offer pump repair, pump replacement, and LAKOS filtration services.

Well Parts and Supplies

We are family-owned business operating since 1997, so we know what you need for your well. We have drilled hundreds of wells and serviced thousands of pumps over the last twenty years. Whether you have a long standing well or just had one installed, we have the parts for you.

Well Plugging in Texas

The State of Texas prescribes the specifications for plugging water wells. Those specifications are designed to prevent future contamination of the groundwater resources. The tubing and pump, along with any removable casing must be withdrawn from the well, and the well must be filled…

Public Water Supply Systems

Keller Drilling Company is licensed to drill, construct, and operate Public Water Supply Systems. All wells, tanks, pumps, and distribution systems must be certified by a Texas Certified Professional Engineer and submitted to the TCEQ for approval.