Pump Installation

Well Pump Installation in DFW Metroplex

Pump Service

Maintaining a water well and pump requires proper maintenance and vigilance. Any changes to the behavior of your water system and the water itself can often indicate problems that need to be addressed.

Our company has the tools and expertise to address your concerns and service them with a pump installation replacement or repair.

Changes in Your Well Pump

It’s necessary to pay attention to any changes in your water supply. These can indicate problems with contamination due to pump operation or a mechanical issue. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Dirty looking water
  • Changes in your water’s taste
  • Odors coming from your water
  • Abnormal sounds coming from your pump
  • Air spitting from the faucet
  • Loss of water pressure
  • Increased electricity bill
  • Your well pump is over ten years old

Changes in the water itself can be a sign of an issue with contamination or sealing. Differences in your water output or an increase in your electricity bill could indicate a mechanical issue with your pump. We have the tools and knowledge base to diagnose your issue and supply a solution.

How Pump Installations Work

It’s difficult for consumers to work with pumps due their complexity and it often requires special tools. And even then, every time you remove a well cap you risk the introduction of bacteria to your water supply. If your water system has experienced any of the above issues contact us for our well inspections and pump service. You may need to have your old pump removed and replaced.

We employ pump service trucks that are complete with derrick, drawworks, pipe handling tools (elevators and wrenches) electrical tools, and water tight splice kits.

Even the most experienced home or business owner can overestimate his abilities to pull and replace the well pump, and sometimes have disastrous results requiring an expensive fishing job or even the complete loss of the well.

Please call us to safely repair or replace your pump so that you can continue to use your water well.

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