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KELLER DRILLING COMPANY drills wells on a competitive basis from 200 feet to 900 feet. We use drill bits from 7-7/8″ to 12-1/4″ and set casing from 4-1/2″ to 8-5/8″ diameter, PVC or steel. We employ the slotted screen method by setting .020″ factory cut PVC screens or .020″ pipe base stainless steel screens, with gravel pack of fine gravel or coarse sand. We seal the well from the surface with a bentonite seal or pumped cement. We drill residential irrigation wells, house wells, commercial water supply wells, air conditioner cooling tower wells, and oilfield water supply wells.

Most areas in the Greater Fort Worth Metropolitan area are regulated by Groundwater Conservation Districts, and any new well must be permitted with them and your local city prior to commencing drilling operations.


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Drilling a good well

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Developing a good well

Well and wellhouse with 3000 gallon storage tank
Well and wellhouse with 3000 gallon storage tank

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